NikiBlan - LMecha

Gustavo torqueto nikiblan lmechas

Niki Blan - LMecha

Gustavo torqueto nikiban lmecha paintprocess

Paint process animated Gif

Gustavo torqueto lolli girl sketch

Niki Blan - Sketch Concept

Gustavo torqueto lolli girl sketch 3

Niki Blan - Color Study

Gustavo torqueto nikiblan paintprocess

NikiBlan - LMecha

I'm relative new to Sci-fi, but is always something that I want to try every chance I got. Inicially was just a sketch inspired on a Anime Figure that I found on pinteres, but I couldn't find the anime name. I decided to retake and do my vision of it! I was actually trying to make a Fashion Mecha Magazine for girls, but it give a 360º twist on the end. The city on the back was better!
I decided to make a gif of the paintprocess, but keep in mind that wasn't a planned thing, but it shows the steps. As you can see the girl on the beginning was more stylized and cartoony, I changed in the middle and decided to go on another direction.
See Ya Guys!