Sugar Game - IP

Gustavo torqueto background approval

Concept study in photoshop Using the assets from the failed project

Sugar Game - Dev

Animation Exp

Gustavo torqueto tree 01
Gustavo torqueto float grass 5
Gustavo torqueto screen shot

Screen Capture - Unity

Sugar Game - IP

Here is a small story for you guys, some years ago I was contacted to work in a project, it was hourly payment. After a week of work something was off! The story was not connecting, so I begin to doubt about the project and if I will get paid. Long story short After a month of excuses and weird stuff, the guy simply vanished, leaving me with nothing. But still got the assets I painted and everything. So I dediced to use all the assets together with another personal project: SUGAR

Sugar is a red Panda, a character that I designed to study animation and personality, I'm still developing his background story, so it worked well with the forest elements I did. Only thing I need was a engine I'm using @unity3d and even throught I'm not a programmer, tutorials helped me (and my friend Gelson Rodrigues) to make it happen! I did everything except for the UI and some menu elements (currently place holders), stilll a W.I.P. Logo was made by a friend @hevertonmac