Inktober 2018

So here goes my "Inktober" List! 31 days, maybe 31 drawings! There is a chance of the 20 sketchs, I go final with 12! hehehehe The point is I always start the inktobers, but there is so much to do in daily basis and work that I've never go full 31 drawings, reason why I'm calling it unktober. Hehehehehhe So this year I'm removing this bag of my shoulders, lets see how much I can push myself! 

Day #1


Day #2:

Pirate, it should be a mage but all the sketchs turns out to be bad!

Day #3:

Pirate ship! Don't ask me about the themes okay! 

Inktober Day 4: Bird!

Copic and gouache.

Inktober day 5: Poison
Ink Gouache and Watercolor

Inktober Day 6: Mechas

Ink, copic and some digital touches! 

Day 7:  doodles! 

Inktober Day8: Perspective

Ink, copic and some digital touches! 

Inktober Day 9: Botanical
Materials: Ink, copic, gouache and watercolor. 

Inktober Day 10: Punk Girl

Materials: pocas, copic, ink 

and as always I didn't have gone thougth all the inktober days! heheheh