• Name: Gustavo Silva Torqueto
  • Nacionality: Brazillian
  • Age: 32 years old.
  • E-mail:
  • or:


  • I grow up with art since I was kid, my Father used to sculpt in wood and teached me how to draw, around my 13 years old this was left aside and my focus was on Computer Languages (Visual Basic and Delphi), realize that wasn’t my area! I got back to drawings and my curiosity on Digital Arts has increased, 3D has became part of this studies, on that time wasn’t easy to find tutorials and schools didn’t exist on Brazil, and my only source was from friends and online foruns, with 17 I entered on Univesity of Visual Arts, that was more tradicional painting, drawings, sculpt.
  • On the final project of the University I made a short film called “Bússola”, showing two characters lost in a Escher’s labyrinth – the concept, model, rigging, animation, render, post-production and directing actors was my duty. That was a extreme experience, with good fruits, but my main focus is concepts. This short film is not my best work, but for sure it was one of the best lessons that I learned in the field.

Academic Formation / Extra

  • Bacharel in Visual Arts by University of Uberlândia.
  • Degree in Character Design for the Gnomon School (instructor Chris Legaspi)
  • One of the first organizers of “Queijão Ilustrado” (montly meeting of illustrators of Uberlândia).


  • Cedro Games (jan/2009 – may/2011) – 2D/ 3D Generalist

Concepts, 3D modeling, rigging/skin, texturing and animation for the game called “Goumi”, project with focus on teaching finances for children.

  • PrismaFs (may/2011 – jun/2015) – 2D / 3D Generalist

Illustrations of characters, environments/scenes, flash animation, VFX and motion graphic.

  • 3D Brothers (jan/2015 – now) – Lead Concept Artist

Concept art of characters and environments for Project Discord

  • Freelance (jul/2015 – now) – Illustration and Concept Art for games.

Clients List: